Close Protection Services In Finland

For years Total Turvalllisuuspalvelut have been protecting famous artists and celebrities, corporate company executives, political influencers, as well as private persons.

Professional security planning combined with well-trained and experienced staff has earned us with exceptionally good feedback from all of our clients.

For more information on our close protection services, please contact me directly. We can also provide investigations service, security risk consultancy and technical surveillance /counter surveilance.

To initiate close protection services contact us through email and give brief description of your needs. We will contact you shortly. 

What is a close protection officer (CPO)?

Juridically the term close protection officer (CPO or in spoken language a bodyguard) refers to a person defined as an honest, reliable, and by their personal characteristics suitable and approved by the police to work on close protection assignments. In Finland official close protection officers can operate only for companies that have been specifically approved by and are registered with the Police Administration. According to the law, close protection officers, unlike other security personnel, are allowed to dress in plain civilian clothing (without insignia) and can, if needed, carry for example a firearm.

The realities of close protection services are usually not very accurately represented in main stream media. The profession does usually not include shootings, throwing oneself into the line of fire, somersaults, or wild car chases. In reality, if a close protection officer faces serious threat or violent situations, many things already have gone wrong in the planning, reconnaissance, preparation, and anticipation phases. An active close protection officer is an experienced professional in security and risk management who is trained in protection techniques as well as in first aid, fire security and rescue operations, vehicle management, tactical driving, use of force, and management of all types of threatening situations. Additionally, the profession requires versatile language skills, good general knowledge, and excellent social and interaction skills.

A close protection officer often works alone, which emphasizes the need to be able to combine many skills and roles such as investigating, planning, and preparation.  The tasks of a close protection officer might for example include driving assignments, diverse responsibilities of accommodation and travel safety, or facility and office security. Additionally, it is expected that the CPO is able to operate in unexpected, threatening, and dangerous situations such as traffic accidents, emergency medical situations, in case of a fire, and ultimately also potentially violent situations. Assignments and tasks are always carefully planned depending on the level of desired risk control, as well as the budget of the client, the available resources and according to a detailed threat-evaluation assessment. The planning process takes into account the security and protection of the family and other close parties, the client’s working environment, as well as logistics such as scheduled agendas, routes, and means of transportation.

The assignment also includes a threat analysis conducted by using necessary investigative measures about the motives of the potential assailant and other factors that influence the specific security and safety situation.  The CPO also functions as a contact person to the police in situations where a crime (such as illicit threat, infringement of the sanctity of the home or public peace, or persecution/stalking) has already taken place. If needed, CPO files all necessary official reports, provides supporting information and situation analysis in investigations, and functions as a consultant in potential criminal investigations.

Assignments may last from a few hours to several days, sometimes even weeks or months, depending on the type and the seriousness of the threat. Protecting witnesses or injured parties during litigation processes or meetings with potential for violent encounters, terminations of work contracts or divorce and custody processes are examples of assignments with shorter durations. Visits of foreign persons of interest are typically assignments that last for a couple of days. Longer assignments are often related to a prolonged and heightened level of risk or danger towards the management or key personnel of a company or other community.

Close protection operations and protection of personal immunity are usually conducted on a very low profile without raising too much interest in bystanders or other outsiders. More visible high-profile protection is only used when it is meant to lessen the risk of a threatened violent incident by visually impressive target hardening. This is usually a situation in which a celebrity is performing in public to a relatively large audience.

It can be summarized that a professional Total Turvallisuuspalvelut CPO (bodyguard) protects not only the life or physical immunity of the client, but also their safety, freedom of mobility, privacy, reputation, and belongings – as well as the entire life style of the client, their families and close ones.

The ultimate goal of our Close Protection Service is to ensure that the client and their families can live out their everyday life as safe and uninterrupted as possible, regardless of the quality and extent of the potential threats they might be facing.


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